Transforming Sparta: New Approaches To The Study Of Spartan Society

A request for feedback by Stephen Hodkinson:

Dear Colleague,

Could I ask for your help in providing feedback on my article ‘Transforming Sparta: New approaches to the study of Spartan society’ published in this issue of Ancient History: Resources for Teachers? As you may know, academics in UK universities nowadays have to show the impact of their research outside the academy, including on secondary education. In particular, my Department will need to submit my Spartan research as one of its ‘Impact Case Studies’ to the next assessment of UK university research in 2020.

I’d be grateful therefore if you’re willing to send me some feedback any time from now until 2019, should my article prove useful to you and your students. Please could you especially focus your comments on:

(1) Any ways in which my article has helped or changed how you teach the ‘Spartan society’ option. (2) Any ways in which your use of material from my article has helped the students’ learning, changed their understanding of Sparta, improved their exam results, or inspired their educational aspirations.

In return for your help, I’ll gladly send you e-copies of any of my publications listed in the Bibliography of my article; also a PowerPoint presentation from a talk on Sparta which I frequently give to UK schools.

I appreciate that it may be some time before you make use of my article. If you are willing in principle to offer me feedback, please do drop me a brief email now and I’ll take responsibility for contacting you at a later date. But, otherwise, please feel free to send me feedback at any point over the next few years.

With many thanks for your help,

Stephen Hodkinson ([]

You may find the article here