And the prize winners are . . .

By Meaghan McEvoy

MQ Ancient History Prize-Giving Ceremony 2018

On April 20th the department of Ancient History held its annual prize-giving ceremony to celebrate the achievements of its most successful students from 2017. Our departmental prizes are generously funded by a number of donors – both societies and individuals, including the Australian Federation of Graduate Women NSW, the Halder Chowdrey family, the Bible Society Australia, the Council of Jews and Christians, the Society for the Study of Early Christianity, the Australian Centre for Egyptology, the Macquarie Ancient History Association, the Australasian Women in Ancient World Studies Society, and Telemachus Angels. It was wonderful to see some of our donors including Indranil Halder and Jane Wilkins, and Mrs Jennifer Bennet and Mrs Renata Messerle, as well as David Chan (representing Tele’s Angels) attend on the day and meet the recipients of the prizes they so kindly donated.

In addition to these prizes, others supported by the department of Ancient History itself were awarded, as were also the Michael Wills Prize, the Lynley Fox-Cumming Memorial Prize, the Kevin Lee Memorial Prize, the Halder-Chowdrey Prize for Archaeology, the Alanna Nobbs (AWAWS) prize and the Patricia Geidans (SSEC) prize. These prizes are awarded across a range of subjects encompassing ancient history, languages and archaeology.

Congratulations once again to all of our high-achieving prize winners, across all levels of undergraduate studies and the MRes: Brendan Tucker, Mark Matic, Trent Hugler, Jason Van Essen, Yasmin Asar, Genevieve Ingham, Ewan Coopey, Penelope Blake, James Woodward, Sean Harrison, Rachel Clifton, Hannah Flood, Tobias Jack, Madeline Jenkins, Paul Statheos, Joel Fletcher, Adam Fuller, Margaret Bennett, Lauren Dundler and Charlie Thorne.

Special mentions go to Mark Matic, Trent Hugler, Yasmin Asar, Ewan Coopey, Sean Harrison and Adam Fuller, who all won 2 prizes each, and to Penelope Blake who won a staggering 4 prizes!

In addition, a special presentation took place to mark the winning by Samuel Wessels, of the Australasian Society for Classical Studies Douglas Kelly Australian Essay competition – a national competition in which Samuel took first prize.

These prizes are highly competitive and a testimony to a great deal of hard work and dedication by these students. We are very proud of them all. Congratulations also to their parents, friends and relatives – so much hard work is of course a team effort and it was wonderful to meet some of you on the day. Thank you to our wonderful departmental administrators – Raina Kim and Angela Abberton – and all who helped make this such a special event. This ceremony offered a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the achievements of our students and see the next generation of scholars coming through.

Meaghan McEvoy

Dr Meaghan McEvoy is Associate Lecturer in Byzantine Studies at Macquarie University. She completed her BA (Hons) (1999-2002) in Classics at the University of Adelaide, and then with the support of the John Crampton Travelling Scholarship undertook an MPhil in Greek and Roman Studies (2003-2005) and then a DPhil in Ancient History (2005-2009) at New College at the University of Oxford, with a thesis investigating child emperor rule in the late Roman and early Byzantine world, which became the basis for her 2013 monograph published with Oxford University Press. Since completing her DPhil she has been the recipient of research awards in Italy, the USA, UK and Germany, before moving to Macquarie in 2016.