Caligula Donation

By Ian Plant

Liam Jensen-Kohl presented a coin of Caligula framed with a daybill for the movie Caligula to the Museum of Ancient Cultures in honour of Tom Hillard. Funds were raised for the purchase of the gifts through the limited edition LEGO Toms created by Liam Jensen-Kohl. For the home of Lego Classicists, see

The daybill compliments the collection of Ancient movie daybills already donated to the Museum by Liam Jensen-Kohl.

Ian Plant

Dr Ian Plant is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Ancient History, Division of Humanities. He studied Classics (including Ancient Greek and Latin) and Ancient History at the University of Canterbury, where he completed his doctoral studies under the supervision of Dr Katherine Adshead and Professor Kevin Lee. He taught at the University of Western Australia before taking up the post at Macquarie.