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This week, the Egyptologists were all a bit busy, so we’re back in Europe and the Roman Empire with MRes candidate (and AWHDR blog editor) Ewan Coopey to hear about his research on BROMANS…


Hi all, my name is Ewan Coopey. I completed a Bachelor of Ancient History at MQ in 2018 and am now in the second year of the Master of Research (MRes) program. Born in the UK, I grew up surrounded by ancient and medieval ruins – my childhood shopping street, ‘Kilburn Highroad’, was built over a Roman road – developing a love for the ancient world. First and foremost I am interested in Ancient Roman History and Archaeology, particularly in relation to the Roman military and Roman provincial life (especially in Dalmatia and Pannonia). As a result of this interest I participated in the 2016 excavations at Bribirska Glavica, an experience I thoroughly enjoyed (fig.2).


My MRes thesis is titled ‘BROMANS in Dalmatia?’ and my supervisor is Dr Danijel Džino. In short, I am conducting an epigraphical and archaeological analysis of the funerary monuments (fig.2 ) of the Roman Seventh Legion (Legio VII Claudia pia fidelis) in Dalmatia dating to the 1st century CE. This analysis explores the expression of community membership and the construction of (related) military identities, essentially providing a case study of the Roman military community and identity. One of the aims of my research is to demonstrate the usefulness of Dalmatian archaeological material – an often under-consulted resource.

Recent reflections…

My BROMAN buddies are far removed from our world of today (however, not as far as some may think). That said, recent events, namely the destruction of a 45,000+ year old indigenous site by Rio Tinto and the removal of confederate/slave-trade monuments in the US and UK, have highlighted more than ever the ways in which archaeologists, historians and other people working within the humanities can (and need to) contribute towards mainstream discussions concerning matters of cultural heritage and beyond. Moreover, these events (and others) have highlighted that we can contribute towards a more inclusive and culturally sensitive world by encouraging diversity within our own fields.

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